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Coming off the high of a love supreme, the singer readjusted her frame of mind for a more direct approach to pop music with 2000’s Make You Love, a gorgeous swell of plush atmospheres, French cosmopolitan cool and plenty of pop hooks sharpened to kill.

Full of juicy pop songs, Make You Love was a radio luxury of catchy rhythms and iridescent tunes designed to bring you to your knees in the bedroom rather than your feet on the dance floor.

Transmitting from some strange universe of grandiose desires, the singer communicated all the pleasures and grievances of love in the long stretches of electronic reverb hovering in the mix.

Having descended to Earth after her adventures in the mysterious unknowns of outer space, Daou then landed on the gritty streets of Harlem for her next offering.

In the psychedelic blur of soft funk, ambient sonics and drugged-out hip-hop beats, Daou encapsulated the desires of being at once imprisoned and released by a love both earthly and spiritual.Still toiling in the inventions of a self-made artist, Daou also experimented with textual images, allowing Joe Sent Me an extension outside of music where the singer explored her themes of reclamation with the objective of defining the sound of jazz visually.Light Sweet Crude, Vanessa Daou’s newest opus to date, reintroduces the musical lexicons of her previous work while tapping into far more hedonistic, intrinsic joys.The sonic dressing, courtesy of producer and then-husband Peter Daou, furnished the music with the sweaty, carnal atmosphere of two lovers locked in an overheated sauna and deliriously happy about it.At the core was Daou’s voice, a haunting, diaphanous whisper that divulged only the most clandestine secrets in the listener’s ear.

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