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5th & Madison Aves) Status: Still exists How To Secure A Reservation: Go to Cornell, join the club, pay dues (hot tip: sneak in by going to lower tier affiliate school Wake Forest!) History: Founded in 1889, the club bounced around from a number of different hotel locations, ultimately landing at it’s current address in 1989.The club features a restaurant, hotel rooms, a gym, and other amenities.

If you ever dined/partied at any, please leave your memories in the comments! 27th & 28th Streets) Status: Gone (1987-2001) Replaced By: ENK-NYC (a design collective) How To Secure A Reservation: Don’t need one – just check the site for retail shows History: Tunnel was built in an enormous warehouse that trains once passed through in the early 1900’s on their way to the 11th avenue freight line.But everybody’s attention was riveted on a table in the middle of the room where a short man and a tall woman sat nibbling each other’s fingers, oblivious to everything but themselves…Well, almost everything: they did pay attention to their food.Though a founder once claimed that “There is no scene anymore…It’s just a bunch of people who go out, uptown or downtown, and look well,” it soon became one of New York’s premiere clubs, with lines stretching around the block. How To Secure A Reservation: Go to Harvard, join the club, pay dues History: Incorporated in 1887, the Harvard Club’s building was designed by Charles Mc Kim, of Mc Kim, Mead, & White in 1894.Tunnel was shut down in 2001 under Giuliani’s quality-of-life campaign, which also partially led to the downfall of Twilo and Limelight. Originally located in a townhouse on West 22nd Street, Harvard chose the block due to proximity to other such prestigious members-only organizations.

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