Polls on dating

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The poll surveyed 4,373 Americans, including 1,010 non-Hispanic blacks.

Approval of marriages between blacks and whites is up one percentage point from 2011, when this attitude was last measured.

From favorite types of music, food and movies to favorite color.

However everyone knows to steer clear from the two no-no's: politics and religion.

Some ladies, and a lot actually, quite nearly half of those surveyed, would rather to take it slow.

A quick conversation before the end of the night should help with the awkwardness. When looking for a mate, what's more important to men and women: beauty or brains?

However, more females (49%) than males (32%) said no.

The guys are always wanting to get that first smooch in as quickly as possible!

Gallup Analytics is an online research platform available by subscription that for the first time ever allows access to 80 years of Gallup's trended data for the U. Americans prefer that colleges evaluate applicants solely on merit rather than taking into account a student's racial or ethnic background to promote diversity on college campuses, by 67% to 28%. Trying to understand the opposite sex only leads to confusion and headaches, especially if you're single and in the dating pool. When asked who should pay on a first date, the man or the woman, both the majority of male (87%) and female (91%) respondents agree that the man should be the one to pay.To help us understand why men are from mars and women are from venus, polling apps Wishbone and Slingshot are here to help! With men typically seen as the chivalrous ones out to woo the ladies, this data makes sense.Both apps have asked their audiences - Wishbone which is predominately female and Slingshot voters being predominantly male - a series of dating questions in attempt to get into the minds of the male and female minds out there. However, there are some male respondents who want to see the tradition reversed.13% of male respondents feel the woman should pay on the first date, when only 9% of women agree.

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