Malcolm x on interracial dating

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Do I have to approach things differently being Asian? 95% of “game” is the same no matter how old, tall, or what color you are. Look at it this way: Many of us either came to America or had parents or grandparents that did.

Hell, it’s getting to the point where Asian guys are even having trouble dating Asian women [PDF]. Asian women certainly don’t seem to have a problem with dating, interracially or otherwise. All you militant-asian-pride-malcolm-x-types, that’s your cue to start flaming and ranting. Blame it on the media, or on cultural programming, or evolutionary psychology, or any number of factors, but the facts are the facts. Let’s do a quick google search to see what we can find…

Haven’t whites–from the beginning, been afraid of BLACK POWER?

And that power is best unified in marriage, thus, when our ancestors were enslaved, they did not allow them to marry; however, it was encouraged for the male slaves to co-habitate with female slaves in order to produce offspring to eventually sell as property. *mental enslavement* And still…we are to be proud that an African American woman is being sexed by a fictional white president–who is fighting another white man who wants her…and the one Black character that played her fiance in the beginning of the show was ceremoniously axed out of the story-line all together. The irony of it all is that the show was created by a Black woman (Shonda Rhimes).

Now go to any high school in America and look at the racial demographics of the Advanced Placement/Honors English course. Perhaps the disproportionately high percentage of Asian kids in that class, many of whom learned English as a second or third language?

Now imagine if those kids would be sitting in that class if their parents had let them give up on ever getting A’s in English because they didn’t grow up speaking it. What I’m getting at is that the hardships you were born with or had growing up mean relatively little in terms of achieving success.

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