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Forte visited the pool earlier in the week to get some reading assignments done, he was made well aware that the pool and hot tub were not just “Clothing Optional” as the posted sign said, but the expectation of the residents was that it was clearly “nude required”. It’s one of those things that you don’t know unless someone tells you. They were all his former students, having just graduated like Cary.“Oh my God, Mr. Everyone else was naked and also frolicking in the pool. Forte turned several shades of red, and Julie just smiled and gazed into his eyes, still holding his hand. Just maybe, Jonathan.”The guys had clean cocks and asses, but shaving cream smeared on their bodies. All seven nude bodies crammed into the shower and managed to share the four shower heads. Everyone was smiling and laughing and even Jonathan surprised himself and found it enjoyable. Forte had never touched and massaged so many pussies and tits within a forty-five minute period. Forte took the full length of his six and a half inch penis into his mouth and starting bobbing his head vigorously.As he read his assignments in his running shorts on Wednesday, Kelly and Brian, two other housemates came down to use the pool and get some reading done as well. The girls decided that it would be fun to get up on Mr. Finally she released and pulled back, her hand just grazing his swollen penis. The students and teacher spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the pool with everyone getting their fair share of grabbing Mr. Cary was a good sport and happily shared him with her friends. The girls all finished up and hurried out, having to spend time on their hair. Forte and Jonathan were the last ones in the shower. Forte pushed Jonathan against the wall, dropped to his knees, and started licking the sides of Jonathan’s penis. Forte took Jonathan’s testicles in his fingers and gently massaged them. Jonathan’s head flew back as his cock thrust forward. Jonathan shot streams and streams of cum into his favorite teacher’s mouth. Forte stood up, licking his lips and swallowing the last drops of Jonathan’s cum.Oh look, her pussy is perfectly waxed smooth as she points to it!And the reason we know she waxes her pussy bald is because she told us and we watched her try it at home in another video.She leaves Mrs Bella alone with a couple of voyeurs who are massaging her and spreading her ass wide while they do it!This gets her horny so she reaches under and plays with her clit while they play with her ass! He was the only one at the pool, but he knew the rules and stripped naked. He rolled onto his stomach with his creamy white ass covered only in light blonde fuzz exposed to the world. “Well this is a little embarrassing,” he admitted.“Damn, nothing to be embarrassed about Mr. Jonathan was slowly undressing, waiting for his erection to subside. Forte got up from the ground and shook hands with each one. ” Cary asked, as she started to take off her shirt. They started stripping right there and throwing their clothes on a pile.

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The sign says “Clothing Optional”, but it makes the girls uncomfortable if some people are clothed while they are nude. Likewise, he enjoyed having his head massaged by their fresh pussies. I mean exciting teacher.”Julie’s play on words wasn’t lost on the group. ”Julie, as the youngest yet most aggressive one of the bunch, started to do a strip tease right in front of her future teacher. His penis was practically touching his stomach as it bobbed up and down. ”He got on his knees facing her and took the waistband of her panties. After a full day of swimming and sunning, Cary came outside carrying a small bucket of supplies. Forte, the girls and I, and of course Jonathan, talked and feel that you need a shave. Forte masterfully twisted, stroked, tugged, and even flicked his tongue on Jonathan’s penis. A shocked Jonathan returned the kiss with their tongues dancing between their mouths. Forte broke loose, smiled, and said with a wink, “Now you owe me, sport.”It was a great start to the day, which wasn’t over yet.

After a while, they started playing volleyball, and the devilish girls kept hitting the ball out of the pool, making Mr. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and handed it to him. Julie wiggled out of her denim shorts, leaving her in only her panties. He gently pulled them down, revealing a sweet, trimmed bush over a youthful pussy only inches from his face. Your pubes are too hairy and hide your strong cock. Using his left hand, he gently played with his balls. They cleaned Jonathan’s pubes very nicely, and his ass. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

Forte get up out of the water and walk around on full display. Forte was semi-erect getting out of the pool, so he was more comfortable letting his hard-on be seen by the girls. She stepped out of them and he looked up at her, taking in her beautiful nude body.“Thank you Mr. So, we are your barbers,” Cary announced.“Come over here and lie down,” Cary commanded. You are the only one who has a chance to help him,” Cary said.“Well okay, I’ll do it for the group,” Mr. Clearly he knew what he was doing, and Jonathan was sporting an amazing erection. ”Jonathan smiled and said, “Thanks for compliment Melody. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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