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Slowly, she lowered herself, taking care to avoid wrinkling her work attire.

Per the Code of Conduct for disciplining girls, you're going to be double-penetrated, Ms. When he held up his erection, she positioned her wet pussy and guided the moist hole to the tip of his cock.

"How cute," she said in a low voice as her pussy was devoured.

By contrast, the woman appeared authoritative as she slouched in the chair, one leg up so that her pussy could be eaten.

On her feet were black open-toed stilettos which gave her added sex appeal.

The draft brushed her wet pussy, giving her a thrill. Smith." Annie immediately understood the implication. The woman, who was still being tongue fucked by her devoted husband, had a very particular fantasy, and Annie knew what it was. By the look of rapture on the husband's face, he was close to the end as she continued to thrust up and down with her tight cunt. The End Special thanks to Sue Danym and her incredibly kinky contributions. Short and straight to the point, and still enough background to supply a good build-up.

She smiled, knowing that she'd like to go pantiless on deck more often.

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