Dating old testament

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The Holy Land in the Modern Day Enoch & The Watchers The Table of Nations Palestine Abraham's Journey to Canaan Early Canaan Jacob & Esau Old Testament Map of the Negev - Home of Abraham The Land of the Patriarchs - An excellent site for Old Testament & Bible Study Scholars have sought for centuries to locate the Garden of Eden.

The below map provides a look at what many feel may have represented the Bible's description in Genesis -14.

The Pishon is said to have flowed through the whole land of Havilah.

Genesis makes special mention of Havilah's gold being of the finest quality.

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Saul had been rejected, and thus David's rise to the throne was ordained by Yahweh making David the righteous and chosen king.If the New Testament is the story of a Man, then the Old Testament is the story of a people. If the New Testament is personal and intimate, then the Old Testament is communal and expansive. Both are majestic and eternal, yet also commonplace and temporal. David was a southern boy, and intimately familiar with the desert wildernesses south of his boyhood Bethlehem.David was anointed king in Hebron, and oftentimes sought shelter in the area as King Saul pursued him with his army.

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