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Age 51: The Childs builds a home near the Provence town of Plascassier in the hills above Cannes on property belonging to co-author Simone Beck and her husband, Jean Fischbacher.

The Childs would name it “La Pitchoune”, a Provençal word meaning “the little one” but over time the property was often affectionately referred to simply as “La Peetch”.

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The show ran nationally for ten years and won Peabody and Emmy Awards, including the first Emmy award for an educational program. Age 59: Publishes, co-written by Al Franken and starring Dan Aykroyd as Julia, who slices off her thumb while making poularde demi-désossée, bleeds copiously, and then passes out crying, “Save the liver.” The skit is still aired today and still funny, a testament to Julia’s continuing stature in the culture.She grew to be a tomboy who liked to compete in sports, where she excelled because she was taller and stronger than anyone else. In school plays she was always cast as the man or an animal and never the princess. Age 25 – 29: Returns to California when her mother falls ill.In her diary, though, Julia wrote that she felt she was “meant for something.” Age 22: Graduates from Smith College with a major in English. Works as a copywriter for the advertising department of upscale home-furnishing firm W. Keeps the house for her father, plays a great deal of golf, writes for local publications, works in advertising, and volunteers with the Junior League of Pasadena. Begins her OSS career as a typist at its headquarters in Washington, but because of her education and experience soon was promoted to a top secret researcher working directly for the head of OSS, General William J. Age 31: Posted to Kandy, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), where she worked on a great volume of highly classified communications for the OSS’s clandestine stations in Asia.On August 14, 2008, the National Archives released previously classified 750,000 pages that identified a “vast spy network of military and civilian operatives …Just wanted to let you guys know that both Jay and myself are now off your mailing list.

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