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But the training to be emotionally dishonest begins at an early age.

Parents and teachers frequently encourage or even demand that children speak or act in ways which are inconsistent with the child's true feelings.

Also, children are told they can't use certain words to express themselves.

I have seen more than one parent tell their child not to use the word "hate," for example.

This emotional awareness is related to our emotional intelligence.

It is our emotional intelligence, combined with the necessary learning, practice and experience, which gives us the ability to accurately identify our feelings.

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The linked galleries are automatically added into our site.As children become adolescents they begin to think more for themselves.They begin to speak out more, "talk back" more and challenge the adults around them.The way we were parented is probably the main factor in how emotionally honest we are later in life. When we are accepted and validated emotionally we aren't afraid of being rejected or punished for expressing any feelings, thoughts, questions or perceptions we might have.We are free to be ourselves, and our parents get to know us as we really are.

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