18 yr old dating 15 yr old

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my mother has no problem with him she loves him but his father doesnt like it.

It's definately written in "legal speak" but you can read the age of consent (statutory rape) laws for Florida over at No teenagers have very strong emotions for each other, I don't disagree with that. You want know what love is,it is a great deal of sacrifice,and until you can understand sacrifice you cant understand love. Sure, it is against the law and potentially dangerous - even fatal - to an innocent... You get no where with telling them that their feelings that violate the law have any hope of succeeding.

If there is physical contact...sexual intercourse (battery)...between a girl under 16 and a boy 16 or over, The girl or her parents can charge the male and have him arrested.

This law has turned many teenage boys into sexual offender.

t=25899 Is your boyfriend really ready to risk arrest, incarceration, and the possiblity of life-long sex offender registration based on an answer you got off the internet?

The rule of thumb here is: If you have to ask, don't do it....

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